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More than 8 years of experience

Savy Engineers is a full-service construction & environmental company here in Hempstead, New York. Established in 2012, we focus on providing safe, cost-effective construction and environmental services with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Over the years, Savy Engineers has emerged as a leading construction and environmental service provider in New York and Long Island.

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Services in the Eastern United States

To get the best environmental and Construction services, choosing a reputable company is key. You need a company that will go beyond the ordinary to provide residential, industrial, and commercial Construction services.

Here’s why Savy Engineers is the number one Construction and environmental service in New York and beyond:

Over 8 Years of Experience

The experts at Savy Engineers have completed projects ranging from $13.5M in New York, Long Island, and beyond. From complex Constructions and excavations, hazmat remediation, multi-boroughs, UST program, and more, we’ve handled them all.

Just like we’ve emerged from a small management firm to a medium-sized construction company, we guarantee exceptional services.

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Your Safety Comes First

While working on your Construction or environmental project, your safety is our number one priority.

Highly Trained and Licensed NYS

Professional Engineers

To offer you the best services, Savy Engineers only works with highly trained, experienced, and licensed engineers

Our Services

Environmental Remediation

Savy Engineers provides professional and reliable environmental remediation services in New York, Long Island, and beyond. From the testing, cleanups, mold remediation, waste removal, and more, we can handle it.

And because our remediation experts are licensed, certified, and experienced, we guarantee safe, fast, cost-effective environmental remediation service.

To schedule your environmental remediation service, give us a call today.

Do you have an underground storage tank or an underground storage tank you need to remove before it’s too late?

Contact Savy Engineers for the best underground and aboveground tank removal services. Our tank removal experts are licensed and certified to safely remove the storage tanks.

Whether you need to transfer your property, facility operations, construction project, or it’s an emergency, talk to us.

With over 8 years of experience in UST and AST removal, we’ll get the job done right the first time.

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Interior & Exterior Construction

At Savy Engineers, we provide professional, reliable interior and exterior Construction services in New York and Long Island. Our experts have the tools and the experience they need to handle all residential, commercial, and industrial Constructions.

Whether it’s an entire building Construction or a smaller Construction project, we’ll handle it at affordable rates.

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Construction Waste Management

As a full-service environmental and construction company, we have an expert team to handle all your waste management needs. Whether you own a hotel, duplex, apartment, condo, or a single-family home, we’ll offer you personalized waste management services.

And like we’ve been doing for over 8 years, we’ll handle the waste so you have time to safeguard your property.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss your environmental or construction needs.

special inspection service

NYCDEP ACP5 Inspection

Savy Engineers is the go-to special inspection service here in New York and beyond. Whether you need DOB controlled inspection or NYCDEP ACP5 inspections, you can trust our experts to handle it.

Better still, we provide cost-effective services that will perfectly suit your budget.

Get in touch with us today so we can schedule your inspection service. And if you require more info about our service, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.



Whenever you need to strengthen, stabilize, or deepen your building’s foundation, talk to the underpinning professionals at Savy Engineering. Our professional technicians will offer services that will add 100% functional living space and make your home more valuable.

To request a free quote for your underpinning project, please give us a call today.

experience to be trusted


Are you searching for expert help with drilling shafts, grading, or digging a foundation for your project? The excavation pros at Savy Engineering can help!    



We use modern equipment so we can eliminate the risks of ruining the existing infrastructure like fiber cables and gas lines. And while doing this, we follow the set standards and regulations in your location.



Whether yours is new construction or a renovation, our experts will offer you the highest quality services.

Give us a call today so we can discuss your excavation project. You can also request your free, no-obligation estimate.


As an industry leader in modern material joining, we offer high-quality brazing services that will save you money. Whether yours is complex geometry, ceramic-metal bonding, or super reactive materials, we’ll handle it.

With over 8 years of experience in brazing, we guarantee services that will exceed your highest expectations.

Our brazing services include:

Hydrogen Brazing
Furnace Brazing
Diffusion Bonding
Vacuum Furnace Brazing
And more

Lead Abatement

Most structures built before 1960 contain heavily leaded paint, and some structures built as recently as 1978 may also contain lead paint. The lead was placed in the paint as a way to make it last longer. Tiny pieces of peeling or chipping lead paint are dangerous if ingested.

Lead dust that is inhaled may be a serious health hazard. Lead damages the brain, nervous system and kidneys. This damage can be permanent and is especially dangerous to children and pregnant and/or nursing women. Lead-based paint is the most common source of lead poisoning in children.

Common places where lead can be a health hazard:

Windows and window sills
Doors and door frames
Stairs, railings and banisters
Porches and fences
Exterior siding

Lead-based Paint Abatement

Savy Engineers has performed more than 50 lead-based paint abatement projects over the last ten years. Our projects have included multi-family public housing, single-family residences, historic rail stations, industrial/manufacturing plants, government and military installations, commercial buildings, bridges, water towers and public and private schools. We have successfully completed a variety of lead abatement techniques that include; chemical stripping, CO2 blasting, sandblasting, HEPA shrouded needle-guns, component removal, stabilization, encapsulation and wet blasting.

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