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Whether it’s a wall demolition or an entire interior tearing down, Savy Engineering has the perfect solution. Our demolition experts will provide solutions to suit your residential, commercial, and industrial demolition needs.

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Do you need residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial demolition services? Call Savy Engineering for professional demolition services.
We have what it takes to provide solutions that meet your needs at a price you can afford. So, call us now for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.
With our strategic location in Floral Park, NY, we can provide demolition services anywhere in Bronx, NY. One of the key areas where we get most of our business inquiries is in Bronx, NY.

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Complex Architectural Demolitions

At Savy Engineering, we have the tools, equipment, and expertise to handle the most complex architectural demolitions. And while doing this, our demolition experts will take care of abatement coordination, building services disconnection, and permits.

Not forgetting that we apply high-level safety when handling any unique situation for your demolition project.

Call us or send us a message now so we can schedule your complex architectural demolition.

Non-Structural Components Demolitions

Are you seeking to demolish the interiors of your building while the house structure remains intact? Call Savy Engineering.

With many years of experience, we can demolish every interior element whether mechanical, electrical or plumbing system. And because we use the right methods and equipment, your building’s structure will remain intact.

Commercial Buildings Demolition

Are you searching for a professional commercial demolition company to handle your complex commercial demolition? Call Savy Engineering for the perfect building demolitions.

From retail structures, industrial plants, parking garages, schools, to hospitals, and more, we can handle it. Our skilled and experienced demolition contractors have the equipment needed to complete the job on time.

If you have a demolition job that most contractors don’t know or are afraid to handle, you can count on us. With bigger machinery, thorough planning, and top-level knowledge, we can safely complete even the most complex demolition projects.

Fire Damages Demolition

After a fire accident, you can never overlook the benefits of taking all safety measures into account. You need to ensure that all surrounding structures and the environment is safe during the demolition process.

Our demolition contractors will analyze, evaluate, and then, create a risk-free demolition plan, this way, we’ll complete your fire damage demolition on time, safely.

For more information about our fire damage demolition services, get in touch with us today.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss your Demolitions service needs.

Asphalt & Concrete Demolitions

Savy Engineering is licensed and insured to provide safe, fast asphalt and concrete demolitions in Bronx, NY. Using industry-leading experts and equipment, we make fast, dependable work in every asphalt and concrete demolition. Whether you want to remove asphalt from a damaged parking lot or an old structure, we can handle it. And while doing this, we follow all set guidelines and your specifications regarding the project. Big or small, our asphalt and concrete demolition contractors are ready to offer you affordable, safe demolition services.

Selective Demolitions

At times, whole-building demolition isn’t the ideal solution especially when:

With selective demolition services, the demolition pros at Savy Engineering will carry out a comprehensive assessment. From the findings, carefully plan the demolitions required within the building.

This will help in reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and reducing carbon footprint. Contact a selective demolition contractor today to know if selective demolition makes the perfect option for your building.

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